Jen & Nikki – All Fours Orgasms [MOV 480p]

We start off here with Nikki explaining how Jen can clap with her boobies; so I ask her to demonstrate… so Jen removes her bra, and starts making clapping noises with them that’s hilarious! Then mid-clap I freeze Jen in place; as Nikki starts to take advantage of her and puts her down on all fours, and uses her as a foot stool. Then she unfreezes Jen and makes her have an instant oragsm! Watch Jen’s eyes rolling back in her head as she thrusts in and out as if she’s making love to an invisible man… screaming, and her whole body shaking and jiggling until she is exausted and collapses to the floor… but she quickly rejuvinates and gets up to force Nikki Brooks to have an instant oragsm.. as Nikki shakes and shivers in pleasure… and more.. [QUicktime, HD 480p]

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