Nikki Brooks – Freeze Forget [MOV 480p]

In this next clip, Nikki Brooks doesn’t think we’ve started our shoot yet.. as she doesn’t think she’s been programmed. So we just talk, chit chat, catch up on old times, and more… but then I freeze her mid-way, and remove her shirt exposing her pretty bra and more of her body. Then when she’s unfrozen, she realizes something is funny happening.. and starts to think she has been programmed.. but then I put her back into her programming mode, and instruct her to forget. But each time she may think its working, her eyes will roll back in her head and she will forget. Then I bring her out, and we continue talking.. and I ask her.. "Do you think you’ve been programmed?" and she thinks, and her eyes roll back; and then she comes back and says NO. I freeze her again, and remove her bra exposing her pretty breasts.. and when she’s unfrozen she realizes something is fishy.. but then her eyes roll back and she comes up with the idea that she started off this way! [Quicktime, HD 480p]

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